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Instead of not blogging because I can't find any way of turning my thoughts into coherent, themed posts, I may just try talking about random things that happened. We'll see if this works out.

My weekend was pretty good. Saturday was an impromptu trip on the light rail out to the newest station, just south of SeaTac: Angle Lake. The stop was closer to SeaTac than I thought it would be, and I knew going down there wasn't going to be much to see, but it turned out to be way better than that. The new station is very nice, they even made the parking garage have a little visual interest, and the view down Puget Sound all the way to Tacoma was an unexpected bonus. I'd gotten a hot tip that the local burger place was worth going to, and found it to be quite decent, although greasy and not cheap. If I were in the area, I'd go again, but certainly won't make a trip for it. I also took a walk to Angle Lake park, which turned out to be a lovely, petite little area. It looked quite recently done (or perhaps remodeled), with lots of picnic tables and nice paths, a sort-of rocky beach, and a pier people were fishing on. And ducks! Worth the trip; greatly exceeded my low expectations.

Saturday night was supposed to be drinks with the Seattle Gaymers, but I just wasn't feeling it. I went home and put my energy into cleaning, and got a lot done, so I only felt a tiny bit bad about giving in to my social anxiety. Judging by the photos, it turns out that none of the 3 people I wanted to talk to showed up anyway, so it seems very little was lost.

Sunday started off with a million and one things going wrong, but I was able to eventually throw together a batch of meatballs in the slow cooker and then head off to enjoy the very final hour of car-free biking on Lake Washington Blvd. this year. After somehow perfectly timing my bus ride to coincide with the finale of the Seahawks game, and thus nearly missing the transfer to an *hourly* bus route, I actually had a really good ride! The weather was wonderful, the scenery was amazing, and my bike did not malfunction. The bus ride back was pleasant and uneventful, and the meatballs were wonderful to come home to, but I was utterly exhausted. Need more cardio.

I ordered a new phone to try out. If you know me well, you will know how big a deal this is, given the lack of physical keyboards on modern phones. I got a Note 4, and I mostly liked it, although the fingerprint sensor seemed pretty flaky, and it was just so big. I have large hands, but it was still a little unwieldy. I don't recall finding many good alternatives though, and my current phone's OS can't be upgraded at all (even Cyanogen), and I'd really like some of the more modern Android features and security fixes. I'm in "luck", though, because this phone turned out to be a refurb even though I'd spent the extra for a New one, AND the pen sensor doesn't work. There's an inch-wide vertical strip of the screen where it just doesn't register. So, it's going back tomorrow. I wonder what I shall do next.

This coming weekend is a quick trip out of town for my niece's birthday. Flying has become deeply unenjoyable, but the flight times aren't too bad, and it'll be first class, so there are compensations.

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