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Mixed success

Yes, I'm still alive. And despite some recent major changes that I would have hoped cure the condition, I'm still stressed out of my mind. So this post is going to focus on the awful. All of the good news (and there is a lot!) will be posted on Sunday.

Work has continued to be crazy. Though it's definitely somewhat calmed down after the Epic Release shipped, these past 2 weeks have been a lot of me doing several other people's work (since the deadline for same was today) and getting shit on for it. So, no more of that. Several other key people have been on vacation or otherwise out of office, which has significantly hampered progress in several key projects.

Because of the above stress, I didn't have time to put together a presentation on my awesome new tool for the Epic Release, and the tech conference (where my worldwide target audience is all in Seattle at the same time) was this past week, so not only did I not get to put on a show, I now have the task of somehow distributing that information. That'll be fun.

I'm also, as of today, officially not taking any courses at UW this quarter, because of the repeated Epic Fail of their bureaucracy. In fact, things are so messed up that I actually have to reapply to the program. No idea how that happened. So it's been nearly a year that I've been trying to go back to school, and I feel like I'm back at square one. Which I am. ARGH!

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