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Art gallery opening

On Wednesday, Morris (my SNF) and I went to an art show opening in SODO (SOuth of the DOmes (Qwest and Safeco Fields)) at the Western Bridge art gallery. One of the artists (Jeffry Mitchell) showing was a good friend of Morris' and had offered him his choice of artwork.

It was a blast! The gallery is this really cool building hidden out of sight behind the industrial storefronts just north of I-90. The space was really, really impressive. Several times I heard folks say they'd love to live in it, which is a sentiment I certainly shared. Good booze and decent food were available, and it was a much bigger crown than Morris or I ever imagined. The one celebrity sighting was Tom Skerritt, who's one of those immediately recognizable yet unplaceable faces. I loved him in Contact. It was cool seeing him.

One of the pieces that Jeffry was showing was a decorated screen hiding a glass-enclosed multi-level replica of a number of rooms and people, all done in beige ceramic sloppily coated with white paint. It was interesting, but neither of us really got it. Later, while still at the gallery, we found out it was called something like "A Tribute to Club Z" (a local soon-to-be-closing gay bathhouse). Oh. With this new information, we had to go back for a second look. "Ah, I see now." "Oh, that's what those two figures are doing." "That's why there are all those holes in the walls." It was much more interesting the second time around, I can tell you.

The best bit was when someone was explaining exactly what the piece was to these two kids (I'll guess the boy was 8 and the girl 11), including what a bathhouse was! I did my best to overhear exactly what she was saying, but I couldn't make it out. It turns out that those two kids were the artist's niece and nephew! The punchline to all of this, though, was the parents' comment: "Who was that [explaining the bathhouse to our kids]?" "Gina somebody, I think; she works for the paper." ROFL! Why, yes, having random strangers explain adult concepts in detail to children sounds like a fine idea!

The only piece of art that I really loved was this plywood architectural model of a proposal for Denny Park. The idea is to remake a section of that one-block rectangle of land back to its original height before the Denny Regrade (which is 60 feet higher than the surrounding area). It's a cool idea, sort of, but we'll see if it actually happens.
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