Frank (ljtourist) wrote,

Gargantuan Trip Report IV

part the fourth - Minneapolis

Day 3 - Sun 3/19

The next day, jss1113 and I both decided to skip the usual brunch with the Madison-ites and just get on the road to Minnesota. This meant I did not get to take home a bunch of scones (or even get to visit) the ultra-fabulous Hubbard Avenue Diner. Ah, well.

It was a very quick ride, mostly uneventful except for a few asshats who need to retake their driving tests. We stopped for lunch at Perkin's in Menomonie (because the town is called *Menomonie* <--- large Muppets mpeg). Got some very good directions to cpj's house, which would be cool to finally see, and we arrived there a bit after 3pm. Chris was off playing with horses, so he joined us shortly thereafter.

jss1113 went back to his place to recover, and left Chris and I (and his dog Bear (*snicker*)) to our own devices. He drove me around town for a bit, and then we went back to his place, watched TV, hung out on the couch, and did a lot of talking. I cannot describe how good it felt to get back in touch with him. He had some meeting to attend around 7:30pm, so I finished watching "Catch Me If You Can", took a shower, and awaited his return. We were both starving by that point, so we went out for a great steak dinner around 9. That was followed by more TV and conversation. *sigh* Just what I wanted. *bliss*

Day 4 - Mon 3/20

After a quick breakfast at IHOP, he dropped me off at the airport for my flight back to Chicago. Upon checkin, I still didn't have a seat (contrary to what the agent told me), and no more aisle seats were available, but was offered an upgrade to "Economy Plus" for $24. Not only did that get me a lot more legroom, and an aisle seat, but I got through security a lot faster (the guy probably wasn't supposed to let me through the Business Class line, but he did). Quite a bargain. The flight was pleasant, except for a half hour delay. 52 minute flight versus 8 hour drive. Took the L from ORD out to my sister's place...
Tags: life, travel

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