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For the past 5 years, I've made roughly one trip a year to IKEA. Every other time, I'd fail to remember to bring my batteries and such to recycle there, at least until the bins next to the entrance are staring me in the face. At which point I am not about to waste an hour driving back and forth to get them. This time, though, I remembered before I left. Proudly, I took my little back full of dead batteries and light bulbs down, and... you guessed it, they don't take batteries there anymore. Curses!

I make my purchases, head home, and decide to be an adult this time around, and assemble things right away! Won't have boxes hanging around my apartment for daysweeks this time! No, sir! At which point I remember that most of my tools had been ruined by a leaking sink, and I threw them out when I moved. Yeah.

So, I go to Sears and buy a bunch of shiny new ones. Which, I suppose, did need to happen anyway.

My one impulse buy at IKEA was a rather nice under-the-bed storage system. Which is too large to fit under my bed. Which I didn't realize until I'd assembled it. *facepalm*

You just can't win, sometimes.

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