Frank (ljtourist) wrote,

Gargantuan Trip Report III

Part the third - Ides

Arrived at onetruewilliam's house for the annual Ides of March party. He'd bought some beautiful new furniture which really worked well in his house: a red semi-circular couch split into two pieces, and a fabulous round fuzzy red chair. William's mother was there, and was her usual entertaining self. There was also an amazingly varied and tasty spread served up by our host: hummus, chutney, cheeses, and the like. We got there early, and more guests trickled in, eventually reaching that critical mass where the "gathering" officially becomes a "party". It was in full swing this year, and even though many of the out-of-towners were not in attendance (*glares in their general direction*), it was still great fun. jss1113 and I were both dressed in our Utilikilts, and got plenty of attention. I did get asked the usual question, and got to have great fun in answering about my, uh, "naturalness". I did my annual half-assed hitting on of Brian, which was unsuccessful but fun, as expected. Wonko showed up later since his band was performing at the MAMAs.

etler brought another outstanding bottle of alcohol, as is his custom. This year, it was, uh, I forget actually. But it was a very deep and buttery bourbon that I'll have to add to my collection. William had a small amount of Havana Club rum, which I got to sample. It was pretty good; better than the other Cuban rum I had in Canada last year. I still don't think I'll be risking the legal penalties for importing it though. (Ooh, that reminds me, I promised etler a list of rum info. I'll post that after I'm done with my trip report.) Other libations that night included this year's drink: vodka and tonic with lychee. Wow! It looked like an eyeball, and the taste was a very nice accent to the drink. I'm going to steal that one!

After what was possibly the best time at Ides I've had, I drove back to the hotel with jss1113 around 1am and crashed. The next day...
Tags: alcohol, food, travel, utilikilt

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