Frank (ljtourist) wrote,

Epic adventure, part 2

Got up very early for my flight to DC. Once again, the flight was entirely uneventful, aside from the insanely long lines at DEN. It's a United hub, you'd think they could staff more than 1/3 of the counters they have.

Got into National, and bjarvis was waiting for me, decked out in his purple square dancing shirt. Drove out to his place in the pouring rain. I had forgotten just how nice and green the Potomac area can be; it was a sight to see. But of course, my love of green and
water was one of the things that drew me to Seattle in the first place. We also passed a truly impressive accident on the Washington Parkway: some midsize sedan was off the road, front bumper on the hill next to the road, rear bumper on the roadway, and the wheels touching absolutely nothing at all. It was suspended in mid-air, essentially. Wonder how you get it back on the road. Yikes.

Anyway, made it to his place safely, where we met kent4str and cuyahogarvr, as they had returned from their square dance calling. Had a lovely Thai dinner at a nearby restaurant, and then went for some cupcakes. Seattle is rife with cupcake shops, but none are quite perfect. Though very good, and with an excellent attitude towards cakery, cakelove was not perfect either. My memory fails here on the specifics, though. Ah, well, I guess I'll just have to keep looking. Darn. :)

After that, there remained the question of what to do that evening. None of us were terribly motivated to much, but I really didn't want to do nothing. Eventually, Brian and Michael agreed to go out with me to the Eagle in Baltimore. I do enjoy going out to the gayborhoods in different cities, and seeing different gay bars, so I was very glad to go. The Eagle was nice! Big place, three semi-separated areas (traditional bar, pool room, and sort of a back room), good, cheap drinks. A++, would go again.

Since the guys were all willing to do something together, and willing to drive somewhere, they suggested that we do something that I wouldn't be able to do if I were limited to the city. Specifically, that we go to the other Air and Space Museum.

Did you know there *was* another Air and Space Museum? Because I didn't.

It's called the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, and it's right near Dulles Airport. It's neat! And huge! It's a truly massive space, with lots of awesomeness inside. SR-71 Blackbird! The Enola Gay! The other Martian rover! THE ENTERPRISE SPACE SHUTTLE! I had a blast checking out all the old computer equipment as well as the air traffic control exhibit. Did I mention that one of the things I love most about United is listening to ATC on channel 9? Which reminds me, I need to write in to United in support of continuing that program. Allegedly, some people tape what they hear and then put the mistakes on YouTube or something. Jeebus. Really, people?

After stopping for some Coldstone Creamery, and a trip to a local diner (with a super-entertaining waiter!) for some dinner, it was back to the house, with a nice night in watching the PBS special on National Parks.

It was really great seeing those guys again, especially getting to see thier relationship dynamic. They really have their routine down, let me tell you. :) I'm glad they all get along so well.

In the morning, Brian graciously drove me to Union Station for the first Amtrak part of the trip...

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