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Retail Therapy

There has been a lot of shopping in the last few days.

Today was my first big food run in over a month. It's nice to have meals in the house again.

A few weekends ago, I was exploring the top of Queen Anne hill, and had a total blast. One of the best places I found was a store called Eat Local. Dude! Meals made with local, organic ingredients, all served up in pyrex cookware (so, nothing disposable)? Awesome! It's not perfect: the prices and deposits are a bit steep, and some of the portions are smaller than I'd like, but everything I've had so far (Chicken Pot Pie, Sausage with Barley Risotto, Beef Wellington, and Blueberry Crisp) has been at least very good, and I now have 4 more dishes sitting in my freezer: Shepherd's Pie, Red Wine Braised Beef, Braised Rabbit, and Raspberry Crisp.

Another find was at Safeway: Pepsi Natural. It's Pepsi! Made from sugar (not HFCS)! In glass bottles! Yay for Seattle being a test market. How could I resist? It's yummy: sweet and smooth. Thumbs up! Also, Safeway carries Diet Vernor's. Win!

Since I couldn't get some planned medical stuff done this year, I had nearly $350 left over in my FSA account, with spending deadline of March 15. I figured it would be a little bit of a challenge to go through that much on OTC stuff, but certainly doable, and probably a lot of fun trying. It was! Between Costco and Bartell Drugs, I now have two huge bundles of lovely medical supplies. I feel so prepared. Now I just have to wait for all my purchases get approved and reimbursed.

One of my goals is to improve, or at least change, my living quarters. One step towards that end is that several of my artworks now have shiny (expensive) new frames! Next step is to select some of my photos and get them printed and stuffed into some frames I got for Christmas. It will be beautiful!

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