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Awesome weekend #2

After our wonderfully successful hike two weekends ago, badfaggot and I had planned to do another one this weekend. Our plans changed into more of a tour of the coast, which I was more than happy to visit once again. We left Seattle on the 9:30am ferry, headed to Bainbridge Island, and had a wonderful drive through all the cities I'd missed so much: Poulsbo, Sequim, Port Angeles, Forks. The drive past Lake Crescent was as fun as ever; I need to spend a long weekend out there relaxing some time.

Driving through Forks was quite the trip, let me tell you. That damn Twilight series has taken over the fucking town. There were several signs "touting" the connection, and at least two entire stores filled with Twilight crap. Forks used to be a nice little remote burb.

Anyway, after the expected four-hour drive, we finally arrived at the Hoh Rain Forest. It was in decent shape, if a bit less overwhelmingly green than I recalled. Matt seemed to be having a great time, as he'd been wanting to get out to the area for a long time. We went on both of the nice, easy hikes they have there, through all the lovely moss-covered trees. Joy!

On the way out of the park, Matt spotted a pair of elk drinking from the pond. Got some good shots of the ducks, too. Had a nice top-down drive out to the coast, to Ruby Beach. As it happened, we arrived just before low tide, so we could walk up to most of the sea stacks themselves. It was really great having Matt there, not only to share the experience, but also because he was a bit more adventurous than I would have been, climbing all of the rocks there. I did my best to keep up, but I just don't have great balance or coordination. Carrying a water bottle and expensive camera didn't help, though. Still, it was great fun. Because of the tide, all of the little hidden tide pools were exposed, and after Matt started pointing out the starfish and anemones, we started noticing them everywhere. It was so cool seeing all the sea life usually hidden by the ocean. Matt was having a blast reliving all of the museum exhibits of his youth, except this time it wasn't cultivated in a lab and hidden behind plexiglass. We had a great time exploring the beach, and it was a lovely evening, if a bit too cloudy for a spectacular sunset.

On the drive back, we had a decent dinner in Port Angeles at what used to be a pretty nice restaurant: the CrabHouse. Since the last time I was there, it has become attached to a Red Lion hotel and had half of it converted to a diner. Very disconcerting. The crab dip was very good, and the crab sandwich was more than decent, too. Matt's razor clams were reportedly mediocre. It was a little hard to ignore the boom, boom, boom emanating from the wedding party in the club behind the wall, but after a while it became more amusing than anything. I might go there again, but I won't rush back.

Left Port Angeles just after 9, and I knew it was 72 miles to the ferry, so I figured we could just barely make the 10:30 ferry if I hurried. Sure enough, we were the last car on. Got back to Seattle around 11. It was a fantastic day!

Today was a bunch of fun too! Had a lovely, lazy morning just cleaning up and watching TV, left around 3 to get some air and coffee and walk around the Market. On a whim, I walked into World Market across the street and ran into auxugen! Got some coffee, and we talked for a while, catching up a bit. It was great!

I wish all my weekends could be this good.

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