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Garrison Keillor signed my book!

While doing my usual round of blog reading at work, I discovered that he was going to be doing a reading from his new book, "Liberty", at the Town Hall tonight. Miraculously (and with a ride from my brother, since the buses were running rather late), I made it there after work, and got a great seat. It was a *wonderful* performance, and the excerpts he read very much had the desired effect: I bought the book. Of course, the fact that it was Elliott Bay Books (the most awesome bookstore in WA) sponsoring the event (and, thus, selling the books) didn't hurt one iota.

My favorite monologue of his describes a "fiercely cold" time in Lake Wobegon, and was a 15-minute-long set-up with a punchline about having to resist sticking your tongue to a frozen pump handle, and how every day you can resist that is a good day.

I had him sign my book "To Frank and The Pump." He added "DON'T."

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