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The M:tG 2008 Election expansion

I would so play this expansion...

John McCain's House
TAP: Add R to your mana pool. If you control John McCain, add RR to your mana pool instead.
You may have up to seven copies of this card in your library and in play.
Possibly more than seven. The DCI will have to get back to you on that, okay?

Drill For Oil 2R
As an additional cost to play this card, sacrifice a land.
Three turns from now, add R to your mana pool.
No, we don't know why you'd want to play this card. Why do you ask?

Keith Olbermann UB
Legendary Creature - Media Douchebag
1: Keith Olbermann loses the Douchebag trait until the end of the turn.
TAP: Destroy target Republican or Douchebag permanent.
He's America's favorite seething ball of hate.

Ron Paul 0
Legendary Creature - Republian
Ron Paul has no cost! Ron Paul has no color! Ron Paul rejects your entire mana-based monetary system, which is built on a foundation of lies! To read about the truth of the failure of mananomics, go to right now!
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