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Amazingly, I have a night to myself, so I've been catching up on things left behind these past months. Email, paperwork, and now this post. Next, I catch up on my friends list. So if you get some comment from me on a 3-week old post (that's years in internet time, I know), don't be surprised, or feel obligated to dredge up an old conversation. I just feel the need to make my rounds. :)

We start with the past. Work has been starting to slow down; I'm 99% done with my major project, and it's been largely a success. Things are still very good! I just got another sizable set of golden handcuffs (stock that vests over 2 years), which is deeply appreciated. I need to sell a bunch of older stock soon, but first I need to dig up my old Lucent stock; I can sell that for a huge capital loss to offset some of my would-be gains. I guess those shares are good for something after all!

Summer travel has been good as well. Trips to Vancouver and Madison, WI were both huge successes, and each deserves its own post. They may even get them! Possibly on Sunday.

Had a lovely date with Paul last Saturday. We went down to Kent for brunch at a very good place called Wild Wheat Bakery and Restaurant. It turns out that Kent (a distant suburb) has a lovely historic downtown with a bunch of nice parks (for international sister cities) and even a gay bar! Who knew? (Seriously, though, a the bar's site is a myspace page? Really? I'm not linking to that) After some walking around and shopping, we went back to his place for a lovely long chat and cuddle and even some Guitar Hero (that is not a euphemism). Though that meant that I did not get to go to my friend's art opening, or hang out with other friends at the Georgetown Liquor Company (which is up for sale! ONOZ! Anybody got a spare $130,000?).

Last Sunday, went to the outlet mall with ctseawa. My goal was to get some fall clothing before everything in my size sold out. I thought that I finally had the stores' seasons down, but I was very disappointed as most of what was there was still summer. *sigh* I'll have to try again in a few weeks. On the upside, though, Lee wanted to hit the cooking stores, so I got to spend some time looking at Calphalon clearance items. Lee found me some reusable silicon cupcake holders, which I cannot wait to break in (AB recently had a episode on chiffon cupcakes that I've been dying to try). But the best deal had to be the dutch ovens. There was a huge stack at a deep discount; it turns out that it's because they were the wrong color! They're noticeably darker than the usual "Cabernet" red, so these otherwise-flawless high quality enamel coated cast-iron dutch ovens were being sold for a song! I got a 5-qt. round and an 8-qt. oval for a total of $80! That was a steal and a half, I tell you. I already went over all of the Good Eats episodes where he uses a dutch oven (except for where he only uses it only for frying) and put together a huge list of dishes to make. I think chili, baked beans, and coq au vin are first up. If only it wasn't summer yet. I also need to do the Coconut Cake recipe soon. Mmmmm.

In other food news, I've been looking at Omaha Steaks. For quite a while now, I've signed up to take online polls, mostly from HarrisPoll. More recently, NWA offered air miles for taking e-Rewards polls (those two companies are rated the most reliable of the online polls in terms of reward payout). In the time since I signed up, though, things have changed somewhat to make that reward less appealing than it once was, and most of the other rewards (Blockbuster, Borders, Hilton HHonors,, flowers, &c.) aren't that useful to me. One of the more appealing awards, though, is spending $75 in reward credit for $100 credit (on a $300 purchase) at Omaha Steaks. I know that jss1113 likes them a lot (and has given out some great tips on getting some good deals from them); any other foodies with an opinion? Anything to particularly get or avoid?

Now that things are starting to settle down, and summer is almost over (oh no! not that we got much of a summer here this year), I've been trying to settle in to a routine. One part of that is Monday nights at home for cleaning, maintenance, and relaxation. Part of that, also is to catch up on some TV. My current goal is to finally see all of Babylon 5. I only ever got up to halfway through season 4, but the plan is to watch 2 episodes every Monday night. We'll see how well that goes! I guess it's a good thing, but I've had so little time to watch anything lately; it's been all I can do to keep up with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Greencine tells me that I've had the same 2 DVDs since April! Yikes!

On to the future! Tomorrow will be a busy day. I have to get up early to head to the University District Farmers Market for some sour cherries (seleniumdream, are you ready for some fun with vodka?). Also some tomatoes, as this is like the one week we can get delicious tomatoes out here. After that, I want to go back to Portage Bay Cafe for some amazing breakfast with my brother. Paul and I went there a while back, and it was heaven! A huge table full of strawberries and blueberries and pears(!) and whipped cream and syrup, all to smother a plate of delicious pancakes. Can't wait! After that, it's time for some serious "me maintenance". Schedule several doctor's appointments and a haircut (I'm way overdue at this point, and I want a new style already). Also need to schedule a consult for some dental surgery (I have a ton of FSA money to spend this year, so it seems a good time to spring for that dental implant). Then off to REI to use my dividend on a new bike pump, and then some biking! I really want to get out and enjoy the sun while it's still here. If I'm up for it, some more shopping to see if I can find the crock pot I want, and see what their prices are on skillets (need a non-stick one). If I'm very lucky, Sunday will hold another date with Paul. Yay!

Next weekend is PAX! Can't wait! Will likely be mostly hanging out with my brother and my friend Benn, since cow isn't coming, and my other friend Mathias will be out of town. Also, snowboardjoe will be in town! Double yay!

Two weekends later is Endfest! ponycub posted the lineup a while back, and I was hooked. Bought tickets yesterday, so I will be seeing Bad Religion, The Presidents Of The United States Of America, the Ting Tings, *and* The Airborne Toxic Event. Woohoo!

Also next month is Fremont Oktoberfest! Yay beer!

At some point next month, I will be doing a day trip down to Portland with my brother. I've taken him there twice already, and both times Mother's Bistro was closed! We need to go again. I will make reservations this time, to make sure they're open and we can get a seat. Plus we can visit Flavourspot and a Sonic!

Well, that's all for tonight. Good night all!

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