Frank (ljtourist) wrote,

Today makes up for yesterday

Yesterday was truly a Monday the 13th. Last Thursday at work, Bill and I came up with a Plan. The Plan was good and simple. On Friday, I started work on the Plan (step one was changing the dummy driver I'd written from a synchronous to an asynchronous model). Major badness happened right away, and it became clear that the Plan was Broken. It would not Work. Yesterday, we came up with a new plan, which will Work, but will be Confusing and Ugly. Less so than what's there now, but still not near as elegant as I'd like. I started work on the plan, and wanted to debug the (too little and frustrating) progress I'd made when my entire test setup mysteriously ate itself. Also, I was informed that the software release I'm working on doesn't work with the tools the test department uses, which means I couldn't use them to verify that I wasn't breaking anything. And then we had a power failure. To top it off, my workout at the gym was full of little annoyances. Grr. Yesterday sucked on ice.

Today was all kinds of awesome. I was able to remake my test harness, and debug my driver changes, and make them work(!), took a look at the test software problems uncovered yesterday, and fixed them (some important settings have different defaults in this version). It's also looking like two amazing events I was planning might happen after all (thanks, jss1113!), which would make for three total (details after they happen and with participant permission). I'm still waiting for SNF #2 to call me back for a night of hot pounding sex, but signs point to that happening. Yay!
Tags: life, work

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