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Away, but not so that you'd notice

I am off to Cancun at some far-too-early hour tomorrow morn. Flight leaves at 8:40am, and I hope to be at the Le Blanc resort by 3pm PDT. Most of the time will be spent lounging at the in-pool bar, but on Thursday we'll be out at Chichen Itza, and (if feeling particularly adventurous) maybe at some point we'll head out to Isla Mujeres or Sian Ka'an. Cell phone should mostly work, but will be expensive to talk ($1/min), so send me a text message ($0.15) in an emergency; I expect to not be checking email at all.

After I get back, you can expect the usual lack of edited photos or other LJ updates. :-/ Well, if LJ would send me the password reset instructions for my other journal, that has several pending entries, but 6A is sucking more than usual it seems.

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