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Square soup

This is just a brain dump about a variety of nifty things that don't quite get a post of their own.

Attention Boston-area foodies: your mission is to go to Gargoyles on the Square, order the "'Abstract' Bouillabaisse" appetizer, take pictures, and report back; do not read the text under my next link as it will spoil the surprise. For those of us foodies who do not live near Boston, read this. Want.

Though I don't know her, siderea's LJ is a stream of fascinating study excerpts; mostly psychology stuff, but other random things pop up here and there. Some recent excellent entries: Rat Park and the addictiveness of intoxicant (why the Skinner box experiments are wrong), flash games that increase self-esteem, how attitude matters, "The Secret", and Neiman Marcus Cookies, Bright Children Become Enlightened Adults, the recent undersea data cable cuttings, and document management software suckage.

Seeing the gorilla: how to be lucky.

EDIT: Read this short story called BLIT first, then read The comp.basilisk FAQ. Don't want to say too much for fear of spoiling the awesomeness.

Undercover clock restoration. That's what I said.

Spells Of The Culinomancer: A Roleplaying Supplement.

Lobsters: an excellent short SF story involving lobsters, sentient Russian mainframes, and kinky sex. The warning at the top is true; some of the sex depicted is n/c.

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