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68% Mike Gravel
60% John Edwards
60% Dennis Kucinich
59% Chris Dodd
58% Barack Obama
56% Joe Biden
56% Bill Richardson
54% Hillary Clinton
48% Tom Tancredo
47% Ron Paul
37% Mitt Romney
36% Fred Thompson
35% John McCain
34% Mike Huckabee
20% Rudy Giuliani

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

My previous plan had been Gravel in the primary, but I see that I have to re-investigate Edwards. I'd written him off, but I forget why. I've long held that I'm the anti-Giuliani, so I'm also curious what exactly is the 20% that he and I agree on.

And this is (yet another) reason I hate politics. Of all the other times this has appeared on my flist, the lowest highest number was 82%. My highest is 68%. Boo for two-party voting systems. Of course, I haven't yet found an alternative voting system that I'd be comfortable replacing it with. Maybe if I play with IRV to make it monotonic...
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