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I haven't posted substantively in months, I know. My plan had been to catch up on the 500+ posts I'm behind on my friends-list (since before LISA) and actually write new stuff on the weekend of Dec 7-8, but that plan has been shot to hell. So, I'll take time where I can get it.

Yesterday, it snowed downtown. YAY SNOW! Today, it was a wonderfully blustery, rainy, winter day. Joy! It was a perfect day for some winter food. First, a trip to the Pike Place Market for some vegetables and huge chuck roast, then to BedBath'n'Beyond for a 16qt. stockpot. Cleared out all the chicken carcasses awaiting transformation to liquid stock-y goodness, carved up all the vegetables, and got the stock to simmerin'. It's still slowly bubbling on the stove (another 2 hours to go, give or take), filling the place with a magical aroma. Of course, it's working hard to overpower the remains of dinner: the amazing Braised Beef Chuck Roast (geeksdoitbetter may remember that dish). It has been some time since I've had the weather to goad me into making it (and make it OK to run the stove all day and just sit), and it was better than I remember. Just a big bowl of fork-tender beef and vegetables covered in a gravy made of goodness in its densest state.

Oh, yes, a proper winter day indeed.

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