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Yay! It's finally here! I get a real vacation: 7 days with my friends in Dallas, TX. LISA will be sort-of happening around me, as I can't justify paying the large fee to actually attend, but I will be sure to enjoy the city and the company. Most of all, I will get to relax. I am not checking my work email even once. Nope. I'm also going to avoid talking to family members, since this will be a mandatory stress-free zone.

Just need to do tons of washes tomorrow, go to the bank and the bookstore, and then pack. Fortunately I have a whole day to do it.

For those attending, my itinerary is:

November 11 2007
Alaska Airlines 808
Depart: Seattle, WA at 11:15 AM
Arrive: Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX at 4:58 PM

November 17 2007
Alaska Airlines 809
Depart: Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX at 5:58 PM
Arrive: Seattle, WA at 8:30 PM
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