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She Wants Revenge

This entry is here mostly for d33ann, but you might get a kick out of it too.

Dee and I have both introduced each other to some great bands we'd overlooked. On Monday, she and I met for drinks at The Alibi Room, and she mentioned She Wants Revenge. She described them as Joy Division and Bauhaus with a little Interpol thrown in, and just based on that I *had* to have a listen.

Then, at work on Monday, a coworker chatted for a while, and out of nowhere, mentions he picked up a CD of a "really good group called She Wants Revenge." That was surprising enough, but before I could say anything, he continued with "I heard them on TV, and I thought 'What's Bauhaus doing on?'. My wife thinks they sound more like Joy Division, though." I just about died.

He brought in the CD the next day and let me borrow it. First impressions are thumbs up, with some really good songs and a number of duds mixed in. Will require more listening before I'll reach a verdict.
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