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Utterly bizarre request

As much as I want to explain what this is about, that will have to wait a week.

So! If you:
  • are male,
  • could be available Tue, Mar 11 through Mon, Mar 17, 2008,
  • are willing and able to engage in some public displays of affection with yours truly,
  • and can speak a little Spanish
then I might have a fabulous offer for you. Please leave a comment below (all comments on this post are screened). Thanks!

EDIT: to clarify, you'd need to be available the entire time, so taking time off work/school/etc. would be involved. As for how much Spanish? Well, it'd be very helpful to know enough to ask for basic directions "How do I get to the nearest grocery store? Where is the bathroom?" and understand the responses. About that level, if that makes sense.

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