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As usual, life is the craziness. Further notable items, once again in bullet form:
  • Manufactured Landscapes. A totally awesome movie on how modern industrial processes create their own perversely beautiful panoramas while eroding natural ones. Deliberately not heavy-handed about it, either. It followed a photographer around Canada and China, and about half the movie was just his stills. Really, though, I felt they were more powerful than the live-action bits. Inspired me to continue my photographic interests. I *think* I saw one of his photos at SAM, but I feel the need to track down the rest of his collection.
  • Other movies I want to see, but haven't yet: Sicko, Harry Potter, Balls of Fury. Also, a new print of Labyrinth is playing at the Varsity until tomorrow. Woo!
  • Took a day trip to Portland. Thanks to cow's recommendations, did a *ton* of awesome stuff. Ground Kontrol is made of win: it's an authentic 80's arcade (Paperboy! Burgertime! Dig Dug!!!) that serves alcohol. Oh yes. Hit the Pearl Bakery for some of my favorite pastries. Also visited Voodoo Donuts, but was largely unimpressed. Saw Stan (an old co-worker); met his wife and mother. Got some soap at the Saturday Market. There was also old-brewed coffee at Backspace, and barleywine ale at Bridgeport. Mmmmm. And, of course, the obligatory dinner at Mother's Bistro; that day's mac&cheese was cajun style, with spicy cheese, andouille sausage and scallions. Yum. Visited Powell's; vowed not to buy any books; only left with 3. Definitely a successful trip.
  • Food continues to be outstanding. The Pike Place Market is great, but lately I've ventured out to another neighborhood farmer's market and scored some more real gems. Very good granola, a mind-blowing maple scone, and a few top-notch tomatoes (quite the shocker in the Pacific NW, let me tell you).
  • Attended a sort of cooking class, called "chriscooks". Basically, about 15-20 people communally prepare and serve a 5 or 6 course meal under the tutelage of a local professional chef. It was fun, though I still felt a little out of place. I'll probably post the full menu as foodpr0n after this month's class. Which I'll be attending with my mother, so ctseawa will get to meet her.
  • Went clothes shopping at the outlets, with the goal of not having everything I buy be from Nautica. Actually was successful, as my body has slimmed down enough to not quite fit their stuff anymore. On a lark, I tried on stuff in a bunch of other stores I ordinarily would skip over (e.g. Van Heusen, CK, Geoffrey Beene), and found a bunch of great stuff that fits well. So, yay!
  • The style success that I have not yet had, though, is finding a more grown-up version of my look. 12 years of Catholic school has put me off button-down and polo shirts entirely. Linen shirts are still a little stuffy. I'd like to get more silk, especially oriental-style shirts, but they're $$$. I don't really know what other options I have.
  • Work has been pretty good. Got a whole bunch more golden handcuffs dumped on me, though they're a bit less shiny due to our recent ~20% stock drop. Ah, well, free money FTW!
  • Speaking of money, I'm almost done with my student loans. I'll have only about one and a half payments left next month, so I have to decide to either let it go another month, or try to stretch and come up with the extra ~$550 somehow. Car insurance is coming up, so I'll probably just wait. After that's done, it'll be that much more I get to save towards a condo.
  • Vacations. This has been the year for vacation cancellations. So, I didn't realize Whiskeyfest SF was on a Tuesday. I can't take 2 days off for it, and 6 hours of drinking followed by a red-eye into work seems... contraindicated. OTOH, LISA is still happening in November, and I'm going to do a weekend biking around San Juan Island in September.
  • Peoples! Many peoples are visiting me (or already have)! geeksdoitbetter was here back in June, my Dad was here in July, my Mom is here now (like, right this second), my brother Joe is visiting for PAX, snowboardjoe is visiting in September, as is kimuchi. I am truly blessed.
  • So, yeah, my Mom is here. Things have been pretty good, actually: only 1 negative comment so far. Some cool things will be happening, like a drive around Vashon Island, and a trip to Portland, and Victoria or Vancouver. She leaves on the 21st. Yes, 13 days from now. Think happy thoughts for me.
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