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More kilts!

Back in December, when I got my first kilt, I figured I should start saving up for more if I decided they were practical, and not just a fetish item. It turns out they're *fantastically* wearable, so when I started planning the trip to the desert, I moved up my purchase timeline. I took a little trip to the store today (it's just up the road from where I work, after all) figuring I'd order a tan Survival (which I'd saved up for) because they take 6-8 weeks, and I leave in 7.5. It turns out, they had one in stock in my size! w00t! Then, it turns out they also had a black Original in stock, and I sorta put that one on my credit card.

The guy in the store (hi, Justin!) goaded me into wearing the black one to work, so I did. By that time, though, most people had gone home, so hardly anyone saw it. I did get one appreciative "Hey!" from a coworker, and a deliberately snarky "nice dress!" from a coworker I'm friends with. I have yet to come up with a work-safe response to that one.

So, now I have 3 kilts, which should hold me for a while. My next one will be a Leather one, which according to my wantlist spreadsheet, I'll be getting in... September 2007. Hrm; I may want to see if I can move that up a bit.

Pictures soon!
Tags: squee, utilikilt

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