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Evil, but cute & gay about it
...ramblings of the imperfectly innocent
Cicely-fest '07, part 2 
10th-Jul-2007 11:09 pm
Saturday was another fairly early day, as we had to get over to Fremont for the Solstice Parade. Unfortunately, we made the very, very wrong choice of driving over (though a friend of mine said that the buses were a zillion times more packed than usual this year). After too much time looking for a place, fighting horrible traffic, I dropped Cicely off, and went to find a place. I eventually paid $20 to park in a pay lot, since I was tired of driving, and walked down with my chair and a cooler to join Cicely. Yay for cell phones, is all I'm sayin'.

The parade was awesome! Naked bikers, chalk drawing on the street, lots of neat floats, fun people; Cicely even got to educate some people on the Solstice. My camera's batteries died after taking 2 pictures, but one was Cicely's chalk drawing. After the parade, we wandered a bit through the fair, but it wasn't as impressive for her as the PPM was, so we cut out kinda early.

After a brief pit stop, we headed to get Cicely some crafting supplies at Hilltop Yarn & Needlepoint; she was completely enamored of the place, even if it was a bit on the spendy side. Next was over to Archie McPhee's; I though it would tickle Cicely's sense of humor, but I was wrong. Dinner was down the block at the Market Street Grill, and it was fabulous. For an appetizer, I had the spicy Ahi tuna tartar, and Cicely had the duck confit tart. My entree was duck with caramelized Walla Walla onions, grilled corn, and Rainier cherries, Cicely's was (I think) lamb sirloin. Everything was sensational. We took in Ocean's Thirteen at the theater down the street, and went back to the Grill for dessert. Cicely chose the strawberry rhubarb cobbler (yes?), and I had the creme brulee. Yum.

That night, we just watched a little more TV. I got to introduce Cicely to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, with the first two episodes starring my favorite character, Cheese. Muahahaha.
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