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Camera and travel updates

As I mentioned before, a coworker owns the two lenses I'm most interested in buying. He's offered to loan them to me (along with a 20D) for the weekend for a test run, and I'm going to take him up on it. And! He told me today that he has an extra nearly-new 20D that he could get rid of, so I might be able to get that for only a little more than the Rebel XT, which would be great!

Travel plans with ted_badger and K have been essentially confirmed; the dates previously posted work for everyone. Next steps are file for vacation, book the flight, and start planning the trip.

My approach to trips and vacations is something I've also applied to my life. I need to have a plan, but it's OK if better things come along and I don't end up doing anything on the plan. If I ever have to say "Great, we're here. Now what?", it will drive me batshit insane. I've had great success all around doing things this way, and this time will be no different. So, time to map things out like points of interest, driving times, possible routes, places to stay, &c. Of course, I actually enjoy research and planning, so that's not exactly a hardship.

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