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The week that was

Holy crap. I had way too many things that were all due end-of-quarter. The good news is that I got them all done (even the last-second "some of your perforce integrations went away, and we don't know why! do them again!" stuff), and got some serious recognition for it. So, yay. But fuck was I exhausted.

Saturday was cleaning and (thanks partly to cow) some serious Eurorails gaming. Sadly, I finished 2nd for the fourth time in a row. Mer. But it was still tons of fun. Next time, Iron Dragon. That night, we met ctseawa for some truly excellent beer in the U-district.

Sunday was lots of chores and typing, but not leaving the apartment despite some seriously tempting offers. I have about 10 LJ posts that need to happen, so I'm typing them all out as I have time, and then I'll post them one-per-day ('cause, really, all that Frank at once could be harmful to your sanity).

It's roasting in my apartment again. Apparently 80° is the magic number where I need AC to sleep. Fortunately, I'm equipped on that front.
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