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Busy, busy weekend

Got tons of stuff done last weekend: paid some bills, did some cleaning, did some washes, ran to the post office, filled out paperwork... meatspace maintenance is not my favorite task.

Some shopping also happened; my quick IKEA run to pick up a picture frame was very successful, as the only other extras I picked up were some food items, as well as some cutting boards for ctseawa since they were on clearance. Other shopping was a quick stop at LUSH. Yeah, I know. I only bought 3 bubble bars. One main reason I was there was to enter the LUSH "Fresh Face" contest they were having. seleniumdream took a number of photos of me recently, so I printed one out and submitted it. All the SAs were fawning over me; it was so cute! The other main reason I was there was to sample the demos of items from the upcoming discontinued remake. Some things that I thought I would love smelled *awful*, and other things that were reportedly kinda meh were amazing, so it's a good thing I waited before ordering. I'm still going to spend far, far too much. :) .

Friday was another gorgeous day out, so I took a long walk home through the waterfront park (in my kilt, of course). It's a great reminder of how much I love being here.

Saturday night was the bear bash at CC's. Had a pretty good time. No matter how early I start getting ready, though, I can never get there before 9. *sigh*

Sunday was the big shocker: I got to spend some time with Morris. He's been a real stranger lately. I knew that his family had had a terrible tragedy, but it turns out to be getting to him more than he was letting on. So, he's been kind of moody and reclusive. Even more than normal. Suck. But we had fun.

Arranged a visit for my mother in August. For 12 days. Kill me now. It won't be that bad, actually: I'm not going to let it.

Helped my father decide on a new camera to get. Given his budget and experience level, I ended up recommending the Nikon D40X. I need to get off my ass and find some way to demo the 18-200mm lens, see if the f/4.5 low-end is good enough for me, and buy the damn thing for myself already.

My Wii is waaaaaay more fun than I imagined. I am addicted to Excite Truck. STARS! NEED MORE STARS! ctseawa, I added your console number. I've added cpj's and rainbear's, too, but haven't heard from either of you. *poke*

Precious little photo editing progress has happened.
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