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Evil, but cute & gay about it
...ramblings of the imperfectly innocent
Long yesterday 
6th-May-2007 12:54 pm
The Seattle Tilth Edible plant sale was this weekend. At first, it sounded like a great idea: a chance to support a neat non-profit dedicated to more green things in the world and to get some green things for my apartment, all in a very nice park. When I got there, though, reality set in: the pretty plants in front of me represented time, space, money, and (above all) effort. Plus, since I don't have a garden (or room for one, living in a downtown apartment and all), to say nothing of the lack of southern exposure, my options were limited. Even though I got there relatively early (shortly after noon), most things were somewhat picked over or just gone. I walked away with three varieties of basil (sweet, italian, and thai), english lavender, and what turns out to be chamomile (the sign said it was chervil; *grumble*). All things that were listed as "good for beginners" and "love being in pots". They are all lined up on my windowsill. Hope they turn out OK.

Did a lot of food shopping. Ended up not buying the two things I specifically went shopping *for*. Went back out and got one of them. Mer.

Also, seeing as it was the first Saturday, headed out to CC's for the Bear Beer Bust. It was much less crowded than I expected; I'd have though that Cinco de Mayo would make it more popular than usual. Wonder where everyone was. Around 10pm, bconn left to head down to SAM (the Seattle Art Museum), and I joined him. We walked down to it, but when he saw the (still very long) line to get in, he decided not to wait it out. We took a cab back to CC's.

I got home around 3am, so I had a snack, rested a bit, got changed, and walked down to SAM. There was still a line, but it was very short; at 4am, the museum was at least as crowded as it would be on a typical day. I believe that this is direct evidence of the massive, unfulfilled market for nightlife in Seattle. One of my few complaints about this place is that the sidewalks roll up far too early in the evening. If only I could afford to start up something on my own...

Next post: inside the new SAM
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