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Evil, but cute & gay about it
...ramblings of the imperfectly innocent
At long last 
24th-Jan-2006 06:20 pm
Yeah, so I finally broke down and got an LJ account. I probably won't be updating more than once a day. So, hi!
25th-Jan-2006 03:42 pm (UTC)
so, why the change?
25th-Jan-2006 07:26 pm (UTC)
Good question. I don't think it's any one thing. When I lived on the East Coast I was pretty much in direct contact with all of my friends on a regular basis, so having a "MyLifeOnline" didn't have any particular appeal. Since I've moved to Seattle, it's been great to read about what's going on with my people I don't see. So one factor was realizing that maybe they'd be interested in my life.

Another factor was that a number of my Seattle friends have been bugging me incessantly to get one. Another factor was the fact that I'm totally slacking on getting my travel blog up. I'm about 60% done, but now that I have a sex life, my free time has just disappeared (attn universe: that is not a complaint!).

One big reason why I resisted for a long time was because I have a friend who I have not yet slept with. He (I understand) posts his sexcapades, and I figured that if I had an LJ, I wouldn't be able to resist reading them (they're f-locked), and just be incredibly jealous all the time, which would be negative energy that I just didn't want or need. Long story short, I am able to resist the temptation (I've not yet friended him for that reason), and plan to sleep with him soon. I can wait until then.
25th-Jan-2006 08:06 pm (UTC)
dude, avoiding potential LJ drama is *totally* important

and, one of the main reasons i use lj cuts :P

folks need to grown up enough to decide if they can handle reading something, and i find an lj cut gives 'em an extra moment to pause and think

go you! stay away from lj drama (as long as possible) (and then revel with the rest of us when you lose control *grin*)
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