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Huffin' and puffin'

Since my old 3 day/week gym routine was causing me such grief, I've decided to do 2 days/week, but have those days be more intense. Schedule wise, this is working out well. Progress wise, well, we'll see. I'm still getting back on the horse from all my time off, and it's clear I've lost some cardio capacity. I'm just as good as ever on the (slow) treadmill, but the (fast) elliptical is kicking my ass severely; I'm burning about 25% fewer calories on that one than I was 6 months ago. Yeesh. Weightlifting has suffered too, but some of that is just insufficient stretching. *sigh* I wish personal trainers were more affordable. Bleah.

2006 photo progress: 96/1576 (6.1%) complete.
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