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Friday night was an impromptu double-feature of 12:01 and Groundhog Day at sinnabor's, spurred by his comment. 12:01 was kinda fun, but had some serious low-budget production values. This is possibly because it was a made-for-TV movie. Groundhog Day still drags at bit in the second act, but holds up remarkably well otherwise.

Saturday, I took ctseawa to meet up with cow in Greenlake for a nice lunch. Apparently biscuits and gravy is my new thing, but I know how that one ends: I won't be satisfied until I make it at home, and then complain how no restaurant can match it. Next stop was REI, a first for ctseawa, which went as expected: lots of high quality merchandise with excellent customer service, and a total bill that more than doubled his planned budget. So, typical. After that was a number of other errands. I'll post about the wines that I bought later.

Awesome Seattle moment: sitting on log bench just outside the REI flagship, having a very good cup of coffee, overlooking the top of a cluster of evergreens suspended in the mist. Yes, this is where I'm supposed to be.

Saturday night was supposed to be spent with Morris, but he turns out to be sick: bronchitis. He isn't contagious, but just coughs and has low energy. So, no lovin' for me. I ended up spending an hour getting ready for nothing. Bah. I just did some chores instead, and watched The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green. This movie was pretty good. If you are a fan of the comic strip, you should definitely see it. I thought Ethan wasn't cast terribly well, but the Hat Sisters were awesome.

Sunday was the Super Bowl party at Morris'. Ordinarily, I wouldn't think of showing up at such an event empty-handed, but at this party there's a friendly competition between three chef attendees, so the food angle is covered.Real gumbo, fresh lasagna, fried mushrooms, chicken fingers, chips and "meat salsa", corn muffins, and 2 mac'n'cheeses. For dessert, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, cherry pie, and an amazing pineapple cake. The game itself was pretty cool; I mostly didn't care who won. I was pretty underwhelmed by the commercials. The Chevy one with all the shirtless guys was nice, the GM robot one was cute, and the Career Builder ones were neat as a whole, but nothing really stood out to me; certainly nothing like the EDS "cat herding" one of years back. I really hated pretty much every Budweiser and Coke ad.

So, yeah, a really good weekend.

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