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Recent happenings

Haven't posted in a bit, mostly due to tiredness and excess happenings which are largely not bloggable. So, here's an update:

Work continues to rock; I'm having so much fun on this compression project. As I feared, though, the existing documentation has turned out to be entirely Lies And Trickery, so instead of fixing just the one diagram, I'm fixing all of it. This is taking longer than I'd hoped.

There's been severe relationship drama which has made me sad and which I cannot fix. Mer.

I've been going to the gym 3 days/week consistently since January. My goal was to lose 15 pounds in 10 weeks; instead, I've gained 15. Yeah, I do look a little better, so it's probably muscle, but I don't think my clothes fit better, and the scale says +15, so I'm not as pleased as I'd hoped. I'm still going to work out, but I'm going to switch from the eating plan my trainer gave me back to my plan from '00-'01 (THe Hacker's Diet) where I lost 120 pounds in 16 months.

I've inventoried my most interesting Magic: the Gathering cards in preparation for liquidating most of my collection. I'm trying to get money for a camera setup (see my next post) for my Arizona/Utah trip (see the post after that). Know anyone who wants to buy ~$6000 of really cool old M:tG cards?

I spent Saturday hanging out with Morris (my other SNF). He keeps showing me all these cool places that I don't know about yet; we went to Modern Fish market, Cash & Carry (a slightly ghetto version of Costco but with no membership fees), and a discount lightbulb place that was sadly closed. He showed me how to make his awesome fried chicken, we had lots of hot sex, and we went out to CC's (local bear bar) for their monthly mega-gathering. I saw this super-cute guy named Michael; he's from Vancouver, I've seen and flirted with him before, but he's not interested in me. He was interested in Morris' friend, which was vaguely frustrating. Ah, well. A good time was had regardless.

Saturday was supposed to be chores day, so that got bumped to today. Dropped about $90 @ Cash & Carry (lots of stuff: plastic food containers, nice aluminum sheet pans, some utensils, and various food items). Tried to get some books at the library, but they were closed. Tried to get a haircut, but they were packed, so I made an appointment for 6. Got my car's oil changed & various other minor repairs. Called Lush in Calgary to place an order for 2 discontinued items they're remaking for one day only (otherwise, I would not have ordered any more Lush stuff. Really.). Got a tip from a 6'8" friend of Morris' that JCPenny in Southcenter carried tall-sized T-shirts, so I headed down there to check it out. Picked up 3 XXLT shirts to try out. The sign advertised double-tall shirts (so, XXLXT), which I'd never heard of, and would be *perfect*, but they had none in stock; maybe the catalog will have them. Went to Worst Buy for some DVDs, but they didn't have what I wanted. Next was IKEA, which usually makes me happy, but they irked me today. First, they've cannibalized about 2/3 of what used to be parking in their main building for some massive construction project, and the remaining parking is for "handicapped and famil[ies]", and they're repaving the lot or something, so some of the entrances were closed, and it was super-confusing. Then, they raised the price in-store on the mirror I wanted from $99 to $129 -- sucktastic! THEN, they don't sell those dimpled glass dishes anymore, so I couldn't restock the pieces I broke. So, yeah, that was annoying. OTOH, I escaped with only $12 of stuff I hadn't planned to buy (a new record low!). I was able to get the mirror home in my convertible, so that worked out. Got to have a lovely if too-short conversation with geeksdoitbetter, who I still miss terribly. But I had to run to make my hair appointment. When I got to the hair place, they were closed! WTF?!? Apparently all of the stylists went home for the day, even knowing I was going to be there, and no one bothered to call me. Yeah. That's a big strike two for that place. I did get a few $ off for a cut tomorrow morning for my troubles. I need a haircut really badly right now, so I have to run in before work. After dinner (a simple stuffed pork chop), d33ann and I met for drinks (and I wore my kilt!), which was fun; I finally got to give her some of my Lush products I'm giving away, and a bunch of samples from my current stash. RSN I'll post the remainder to the Lush Forum for swap or sale. And now I'm making this post! Current enough for you? ;-)
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