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I cannot believe this week is over already. Work kept throwing new, urgent, due yesterday projects at me all week, to say nothing of the two already lingering on my plate. Four were completed, one was foisted off onto another coworker, and I'm still working on the sixth. It turns out that the reason that last is giving me such trouble is that I'm not chasing one bug that only shows up intermittently, I'm chasing two related bugs. Yay. The customer will be so happy to hear that. :-/

The other work excitement this week was the earnings announcement on Wed. Due to just about every analyst not paying attention to certain changes in our financial reporting (even though we've patiently been explaining them for a year!), lots of people misinterpreted our results, and our stock plummeted after-hours! This was mostly corrected the next day, but talk about a roller-coaster ride. Yeesh.

Got to finally nail down an itinerary for geeksdoitbetter's visit in June, which I am intensely looking forward to. Beyond that, though, nothing really exciting this week. Had bad insomnia on Monday/Tuesday, but my sleep schedule is back to its usual now. Started going back to the gym, but only once this week. Bah. Doing lots of laundry, and cleaning my apartment. I need to somehow budget for cleaners, because I can't keep spending my nights and weekends doing this; they are too precious to me.

Today is more chores, probably. Have to run to the post office, get some new tires, make some important phone calls, and maybe see some friends tonight. Tomorrow will be finding some way to cross things off my to-do lists (like, oh, EDITING PHOTOS), and finish with dinner with some other friends.

Things to do next week: appointment for surgery followup, appointment for eye doctor, haircut (which I need badly) and color, more workouts, and (if I have time) start posting some movie, flavor syrup, and champagne reviews.
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