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My energy levels have been very low lately. Pretty much every aspect of my life is rockin' or close to, so depression seems unlikely. SAD maybe? Just holiday time stress?

That cool project that I was on at work that got canceled? It's back on. For at least 3 months, and I have huge managerial support this time, as well as support from the other company, so things may actually work out this time.

Tomorrow I have some horrible surgery which will give me a 70% chance to cure one of my harmless but really annoying medical conditions. It's supposed to be pretty simple, and I should be back on my feet by Monday if all goes well. Here's hoping. I'm stocked up on foods and medications I'll need over the weekend, and odds are I'm not going to be in the mood to see anyone, but if I'm looking for company, I'll give you a call.

Tonight I got a Eurorails fix with big big thanks to cow. I'd been majorly jonesing for a game for a long time. Everyone seemed to like it, so hopefully we can play again some weekend soon.

I finally subscribed to GreenCine, which is like Netflix without the evil. They cost the same, don't throttle, and they have lots of independent, pre-code, and anime films. Oh, and porn.

Though I'm reserving judgement until after I play with one, I have high hopes that the iPhone will be the best Newton yet.
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