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Weathergasm II

Yesterday was *damn* cold here on the Sound: 23°F, which is about 20° colder than average. That meant that pretty much every surface had chilled down to a nice solid below-freezing level. So, tonight's MONSTER snowstorm is whitewashing the whole town! That's right, Seattle is having its second snowfall of the season (and we're super, thanks for asking), and this one is a doozy!

For you other snow connoisseurs out there, these flakes are enormous; somewhere between a quarter and a silver dollar. There's too much ice and water mixed in to call it perfect for snowballs, but it packs up a treat, so I'm expecting lots of snowmen tomorrow. HEAR ME SEATTLE? I SAID LOTS OF SNOWMEN! GET TO WORK!

Fortunately, I took a winter photography class some years ago, so I'm going to have a quick dinner now (yes, at 10:30pm), and go take some PRETTY PICTURES that will not get edited for years at this rate.

Oh, and am I *ever* so glad I bought that high-end winter jacket (you know, back during the record-breaking July heatwave).


EDIT: Other people have pix of the huge snowflakes.

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