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East Coast trip report

As promised, here's a summary of my previous trip:

  • Fri: Flew into AVP, saw my Mom and brother Jeff briefly. Drove down to The Woods Campground in Lehighton, PA. Froze my ass off trying to sleep.

  • Sat: Saw a bunch of old friends, went naked hottubing, went to the leather demos/fundraiser event, participated in several. Watched friends play volleyball, socialized. After dinner, several of us went to check out the Pavilion. I was drawn in by a hot scene and didn't end up leaving 'till 2:30am. Met a nice boy named Will along the way.

  • Sun: More socializing, hiking, more hottubing. Left to meet rainbear for dinner at Siamsa (warning: obnoxious music) in Stroudsburg. Had an amazing time catching up. Drove up to my friend John's cabin in Poyntelle, PA (<--- tip'o'the hat to kazmat)

  • Mon: Went canoeing, relaxed, went hiking, went canoeing again. Drove back to my Mom's.

  • Tue: Did bits of house maintenance. Visited with various family members. Went shopping. Had family dinner.

  • Wed: Drove with my Dad down to KoP Mall, had lunch. Drove over to geeksdoitbetter's place. Yay! Went shopping, had yummy dinner. Drove out to see dpfesh and casfesh and kitties! Tons of talking and laughing and fun! Drove back to geeksdoitbetter's place

  • Thu: Got dropped off at PHL for flight to BOS. Met up with ted_badger. Walked around Boston for a bit, then joined rwgill for dinner at Stella. Drove back to rwgill's place. Relaxed

  • Fri: Hiked Mt. Monadnock with Ted. Intensely enjoyed being driven through backroad New England at the peak of fall foliage. Camped at Pillsbury State Park. Had some campfire stew. Eventually. :-}

  • Sat: Nice long drive back to Bob's, including lots of neat glimpses into Ted's daily world. Got to attend one the world-famous Saturday dinners! All of the food and company was as good as I'd dreamed. Geeked out with Ted about Magic: the Gathering for a bit. Relaxed.

  • Sun: Lunch at Firefly's. Mmmm, BBQ. Lots more driving around nice bits of MA. Saw famous "turtle boy" statue (pics eventually; trust me, you'll want to see them). Had fantastic chowdah at The Sole Proprietor. Helped judge poetry slam for The Poets' Asylum at the Hut. Got to meet lots of interesting people. Dinner with several of them at The Boynton. Had amazing french onion soup.

  • Mon: Packed up, and headed with Ted into Boston. Walked around Boston Common and downtown. Headed over to BOS, had lunch at Sam Adams, and flew home.

A very successful, stress free, and ultimately relaxing trip.
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