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San Francisco - pt. 5

On my way back to Kim's, a man named Oscar had apparently seen my "performance", and just had say hi. He was really cute; maybe early 40's, full beard, sunglasses, black shirt, leather jacket, hat, pants, and boots. He had a big belly, but it was *solid*. I would have *loved* to spend some time with him (and he me), but there was no time nor place; I had little time before I left.

Back inside, after a brief cry, a brief rest. Kim took me to a pizza parlor down the street for a quick bite, and then to the DNA Lounge next door. Dude! I'd been reading jwz's blog for so long, it was great to actually be there! I made sure to use his ATM... ;-)

And finally, the walk back to the BART station, to the airport, and home. Much much much better for the wear.

Thanks to all who made this possible, especially kimuchi.

And now, off on my next trip....
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