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Evil, but cute & gay about it
...ramblings of the imperfectly innocent
San Francisco - pt. 3 
29th-Sep-2006 04:34 am
leather bear
This post does contain graphic descriptions of flirting/men/leather/sex/&c., as well as navel-gazing and earnest use of phrases like "flagging left", so feel free to skip it if that's not your cup of tea.

Though I'd been interested in leather/kink for some time, it wasn't something I wanted to actually do. I considered it "Advanced Sex" and I still had to go through "Sex 101", so it was in my mental "investigate this later" file. My main goals for this Folsom visit were to get my bearings for a future visit and to just see how I felt about the whole thing.

The big secondary secondary goal was shopping. I knew Mr S. Leather was nearby, and I'd been drooling over their site, especially the chastity stuff. I've been really wanting a Seed Pod, but given the particulars of my anatomy, I wasn't sure that it would stay on. I'd posted about this on their forum, and was told that you could try their stuff out in the shop. Here was my chance!

kimuchi wisely calmed me down about the whole shopping thing, and gave me some pointers to other places to shop for toys and clothing. Based on previous experiences, what my outfit was really missing was a leather vest. Several stores and booths yielded nothing; I couldn't find a single vest that I liked and that fit. Bummer. One store, Leather Etc., had a nice selection of larger sizes, but nothing tall. They also had a whole wall of leather shirts. On a lark, I tried one on. I liked it a lot, but put it back; it was among the first shops I was at, and I wanted to do a round before purchasing.

One thing I did by early on was a particular toy I'd been looking at for a long time: the spiky leather bag for my cock and balls. I spent a long time at JT's Stockroom's booth just examining it, making sure it was what I wanted. It was clearly a quality piece, with a lot of thought put into it. It closed nicely, the loop goes around the base twice so it doesn't come off easily, it locks on, and it seemed to be a good size. It wasn't difficult to buy it.

Spent a bit more time browsing various places before hitting Mr. S. Wow. I want to *live* there. So many hot, hot things, and so many hot, hot guys selling them. My intent was to head straight for the Seed Pod, but the leather jackets distracted me. Obviously, I *had* to try them on. And they were on sale! They had the kidney back (my favorite; hot *and* practical) in a 48, but it seemed that even that size didn't fit me. I asked the nearest employee (a hot hot hot muscular bald brown guy in leather pants and a vest with a tattoo on his arm) for help. He made some adjustments, and suddenly it fit! Now I knew what to budget for my next purchase. It looked really nice, and it was hard to put back on the rack, but it wasn't what I was there for.

We then went to try on the vests, but they were all too short. I tried on their shirts, but they didn't fit correctly, either. My host was trying to talk me into a custom-fit one, or maybe altering one (which would have worked), but that was more time and money than I wanted to invest.

Finally, I asked about trying on the Seed Pod. He went in the back to get one, and... they were all sold out. Steel and aluminum. But! They did have their next version of it, the Skeletor Seed Pod. Since this was Mr. S., at Folsom, in San Francisco, I decided to take advantage, and just dropped my pants in the middle of the store to try it on.

There I was, having this HOT man fasten a Seed Pod onto my cock and balls. I swear I was in heaven. It fit, it worked, and it felt as good as I had fantasized about. *bliss*

After talking about it a bit more, he then suggested I wear it around the store while I shop. Is there any way I could have refused? I think not. And it was great; it made its presence known, but I could still move, just not get hard. I did look around a bit more, admiring all the toys. All of the hats did not fit and/or looked ridiculous on me, and while I love the electrical toys, that's just a whole 'nother ball of money. Someday.

I had the clerk free me from the chastity cage, and we talked a bit more about them. The "you can't see your cock" of the original really appealed to me, but, as he pointed out, the ventilation and "you can see if something's wrong" features of the Skeletor model are more practical. He also warned me against a metal one at all for long-term use (which *is* what I want, after all), but I hate the plastic models, with the possible exception of the Exobelt x1. Now I have to do some more research. Crap! I wasn't going to walk out of Mr. S. with (in) a Seed Pod after all! So I bought the leather jacket instead.

Wandered about the fair a bit, talked to another tall guy shopping for vests, and confirmed/sympathized that he had the same problem: they just didn't fit. Logically, then, I went back to Leather Etc. and tried the shirt on again.

It fit. And it looked good. Really good. I almost couldn't believe that was me in the mirror. So I bought it too.

I took off my cotton shirt, put on the leather one, and let my fuzz hang out; it was beyond great. Again, more flirting attempts, and a number of successes. I think I'm getting better at it, but I definitely need more practice. Lots of eye candy, as hoped for; got to fondle a few guys, which was really nice. I was really, really feeling like I fit in; more than I hoped for.

One thing that Kim said made me wonder; am I "dressing left"? I definitely flag right, it this stuff too toppish for me? Maybe that's why I couldn't get the tops' eyes.

Around 3, though, I was done. I needed to sit down and take a break. I met Kim back at her place, and we just chilled a while. Right outside her window was a group doing spankings and floggings for charity, and that's where my REAL adventure began...
29th-Sep-2006 01:35 pm (UTC)
Oo! What a pretty leather shirt!
3rd-Oct-2006 02:02 am (UTC)
Hee! Thanks; I'm really glad I bought it.
29th-Sep-2006 07:22 pm (UTC)
Don't listen to me too much. I may be a fashion critic but I'm just a straight girl with an eye for archetypes, y'know? I think you're more likely to suffer from the "big + nice = daddy" fallcy (the same way I'm sometimes at the receiving end of the "little + cute = sub" fallacy) regardless of what you wear, but either way once you're more confident about what you're looking for you'll probably meet more of the people you'd like to be meeting. In any case, the shirt is definitely right on and looks great on you.
3rd-Oct-2006 02:12 am (UTC)
You could very well be right about just falling into that archetype. You are just chock full of great advice, though, so I'm probably not just going to dismiss it. I've often wondered if my height and bulk (and, well, "niceness") would make expressing my "sub-ness" difficult. Based on some other recent experiences, though, my friend Chris' assessment that I have "strong Daddy energy" seems to be dead-on, and I will probably eventually turn in that direction. But not just yet. :-}

once you're more confident about what you're looking for you'll probably meet more of the people you'd like to be meeting

Almost certainly true, and another example of your great advice.

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