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San Francisco - pt. 2

This post does contain graphic descriptions of flirting/men/leather/sex/&c., so feel free to skip it if that's not your cup of tea.

Kim had suggested that the Lone Star Saloon (the original bear bar) would be a good place to go, and I couldn't agree more.

This was where things got tricky for me, though, because it's times like this (being at the bear bar for the leather weekend) where I become unusually self-conscious; I really feel like my inexperience is screaming out at everyone. I'd brought some clothing that seemed appropriate, but I have a limited wardrobe. One thing I do have is a fabulous pair of leather boots that my ex-boyfriend Kevin gave to me, and I was sure to bring those. Beyond that, I only had a black shirt and carpenter's jeans, but all that combined with a studded leather belt borrowed from Kim, and I was good to go. It was great: I looked completely average!

Get to the Lone Star, after a short wait in line, and it was truly what I was hoping for. My people! It was filled with great energy and lots of nice looking guys. Woof!

Quickly got a round of drinks, since I hadn't had quite enough alcohol yet (*cough*), and it always makes me more comfortable to have a drink in my hand when I'm in a bar. Found a spot for the three of us to huddle in over by the peanut barrel near the corner, and just started enjoying the space.

Behind us was this group of three medium-to-very dark skinned boys, and the middle one, the darkest and skinniest of them all, clearly had an intense interest in me. None of them were quite my type, though, so I kept looking around, trying to catch the eye of someone who was.

One of the trio, though, apparently was bolder than the rest. He came up to me and asked "Is she your girlfriend, or is he your boyfriend?", meaning Kim and Jason respectively. Helpfully, and truthfully, I answered "No". Confused, he followed up with "Are you... homosexual?" "Yes", I replied, and we began to chat. Anthony (as he introduced himself) and I went over to his two friends, who were apparently stunned (for some reason) that he went over to talk to me. They were all a bit adoring, which was nice, I admit, but made me blush. We talked a bit (he's a poet and a really nice guy), made out a little, and Anthony eventually slipped me a crumpled sheet with his contact info on it. The first time I ever got someone's number in a bar. Heehee!

Alas, I was largely unsuccessful in my other "fraternization" endeavors that night. The only exception turned out to be Jason! He had previously described himself as "mostly heterosexual", so I was surprised, but pleased, when he seemed to be a little flirty with me. I didn't hesitate to reciprocate; he was kinda cute, with a nice skinny body, and chest hair to kill for (midnight black against creamy skin, long and soft and making the most adorable pattern...). So there was a bit of touching and hugging and even kissing! Woo!

Kim and Jason left, and I decided to hang out for a bit. Tried flirting with one guy who had a really nice dick, but he turned out to be too drunk to notice. I did not explore the backrooms, which is my only real regret from the trip. It would have been nice to just go back and see what it was like, but I'm never sure if "a peek in" is proper etiquette for those places, which, being me, is something I'd worry about.

I did return back to Kim's around 1am for a brief sleep, got up around 8, showered, and started to get dressed. My original plan was to wear my Utilikilt, but it just wasn't working for me. Remembering how much I liked my stuff last night, I changed back into that. I was almost ready to leave when Kim walked in. She had completed her first session of Folsom volunteering, and was changing to go out for her second. Fortunately, I was able to convince her to wear her amazing rubber top which she looks really, really great in.

Breakfast was had up the street, past all the Folsom vendors setting up, at a little market, and was a banana, some yogurt, and Teddy Grahams. Not traditional, but tasty, filling, and fairly balanced. I sat on the curb, watching the fair unfold before me...
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