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Still more syrup reviews

The next batch:
DaVinci Peppermint Paddy
1/5. Tastes more like chocolate chip mint ice cream than any form of peppermint patty I'm familiar with. Has a bad smell, too, but tastes sorta OK.
Torani Vanilla Bean
4/5. Pretty good. Tastes like vanilla flavoring (a combination of natural and artificial vanilla).
DaVinci Dulce de Leche
3/5. The flavor is good, but very weak. Tastes authentically of caramel, vanilla, and milk, but only faintly.
DaVinci Coconut
5/5. Oooh, I knew that coconut flavor should be pretty easy to replicate, and I was not disappointed. A slight bitter aftertaste, but otherwise excellent.
DaVinci Watermelon
2/5. Tastes like watermelon candy. Meh. (Of course, if you *want* to drink something that tastes like watermelon candy, then this would be very good.)
Torani Black Cherry
4/5. Very tasty, mostly realistic flavor, but with a hint of "cough syrup" in there somewhere. Also a little sweeter than, and not as tart as I'd like.
Torani Orange
5/5. Yummy. Sweet, orangey, and tart, and... yum. The orange is a little over-the-top, and more orange soda than orange juice, but still very, very good.
Stasero Strawberry
0/5. Undrinkable. What were they thinking? I can't get more specific than that tonight...

Though the vanilla was good, I may try a mix of sugar-free Simple Syrup and vanilla extract to see if that would be better than a bottled vanilla flavor. Another experiment will be combining the coconut syrup with pineapple syrup and some real rum to make a very low-cal pina colada.
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