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Another late-nite edition

Up until today, my sleep has been pretty good, if off my usual 10:30am-1am schedule. It's been more like 8am-10pm, which is insane. I don't know how you normal people do it. In an attempt to get to the gym before work to see how that worked out, I set my alarm for 7 two mornings ago, and that was a huge mistake. Not only did I not get to the gym, last night I crashed at 8pm, woke up at midnight, and got to sleep again around 3. Tonight, I can't get to sleep. Crud.

So, instead, I'm redoing my todo list for the remainder of the year so as to work with my new organizers. I've also done a bit of prioritization. Next step is to do some scheduling. Also, I'm crossing off things that I can do at 3am. So far: find a dentist, do research on non-pharmaceutical sleep remedies, investigate tax consequences of selling some stock, fix cell-phone weirdness, and see how much time my can-do-only-during-business-hours tasks total up to (43 hrs! That's over a work-week!).

Next up: some LJ posts I've had on my mind. Apologies in advance for the friends-page spam...

And kilts. I need to remember to post about kilts. Later.
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