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Awesome songs that I hate

When it comes to music, I'll be the first to admit my preferences are not the norm. I listen to the same song for hours. Days, even. The same CD resides in my car stereo for months at a time. That said, I'm dying to know if this scenario has happened to anyone else.

After hearing a song, putting it into heavy playlist rotation, and really getting into it, only then do you find out what the song is really about. And it turns out to be something horrible. So now you have this really awesome song that you can't bear to listen to. ARGH!

This has happened most recently to me with Bright Eyes- Take It Easy (Love Nothing). It's got a great melody, fantastic imagery, and an unusual structure; eminently listenable. I decided I wanted to sing along, so I looked up the lyrics. The plot of the song turns out to be "This guy was friends with this girl for a while, they had sex, she couldn't handle it, he's totally fucked up by the experience, and now can't be close to anyone ever". Dude! How much does that suck?!?

This is not the first time this has happened to me, either. Ben Folds Five - Brick and George Michael - Father Figure both fall into this category too. Ugh!

It's not the happy music/sad lyrics dichotomy that throws me: I love Backandtotheleft - The Happy Song which is an upbeat techno number about a guy warning his ex (who did drugs, turned psycho, and screwed up their relationship) that he'll kill her if he sees her again. That's all kinds of awesome. It's just I used to love Take It Easy, and now I can't listen to it (because I hate what it says) or get it out of my head (because I love it).

Anyone else, or just me?
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