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Upcoming plans

I've decided that I'm giving up on getting a lot of my "at home" projects completed this summer. That includes things like photo editing, selling my M:tG cards, some paperwork, and other little tasks. I feel like I haven't done nearly enough traveling lately, so I've decided to set that right. Every weekend from now until the weather gives out (at least the middle of October), I'm going to do something and go somewhere. My current list includes:
  • weekend trip to Hoh Rain Forest (south side of the Peninsula this time)
  • day trip to Mt. Rainier
  • Blueberry picking at Mt. Si
  • Orcas Island (planning to drag Morris up there for a romantic-ish weekend (since he's lived in Seattle all his life and NEVER BEEN THERE!))
  • weekend trip to Portland & Oregon coast
  • Somewhere in Canada (maybe Vancouver, maybe not)
  • maybe a weekend trip to Columbia River gorge

I'm not sure how I'm going to pay for all this travel, but I'll figure something out. At this point doing fun stuff is more important than not incurring the debt. I also have to get my car into traveling shape; with luck that'll be done this week.

And if you're on my flist, you're invited! I'd love to have a travel partner. Let me know where you're interested in going, and what weekend days work for you. Suggest somewhere else, too; I'm pretty flexible!
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