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Terrorists? or Hardly clerkin' or I miss my donkey

I decided to do some outdoors stuff instead of my movie marathon: I figure I can always rent them. It's time I signed up for GreenCine anyway...

So I did a bit of shopping (mostly restocking my lube from Babeland (which officially isn't called "Toys in Babeland" anymore)), and went for a nice long drive, including two wonderful ferry rides. It still bowls me over that people take boats to work every day! Explored a bit of the Olympic Peninsula that I'd not been to before. Had a great time; very relaxing.

Got back home, did some more filing and cleaning, and headed out to see Clerks II. That turned out to be the right answer.

It was so surreal seeing all of these landmarks from my past. I lept out of my seat when they showed the sign on 35 for Kings Highway. That's right where I used to work! AND THEN! The Wendy's where I had lunch more than once. THEN! AND THEN! The Pizza Hut! AND! AND! The fucking evil liquor clown! OMG! I keeled right over.

The movie itself was pretty good, especially the soundtrack. (I think I need to switch out my Fountains of Wayne CD in my car for Soul Asylum. I haven't listened to them in years.) Star Wars vs. LotR was hilarious. And the trolls! And while interspecies erotica does nothing for me, Zak Knutson (Sexy Stud) was pretty hot.

I had a great time; that was just so what I needed to do.
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