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More syrup reviews

Well, I've gone through another batch of flavored sugar-free syrups. Here are my thoughts:
Torani Almond Roca
5/5. Simply delicious. An excellent reflection of the familiar candy taste. The only thing keeping this from perfection is the slight aftertaste.
Stasero Hazelnut
1/5. Cloyingly powerful at my (now) default 3:1 ratio. Diluting to 5:1 was better, but still very artificial tasting.
DaVinci Toasted Marshmallow
3/5. Tasty, but fake flavor/aftertaste. Too strong at 3:1. 4:1 is much better.
DaVinci Cherry
4/5. Tastes exactly like maraschino cherry syrup. For me, this is a good thing, but may not be for you. Not what I was expecting, though.
Stasero Raspberry
3/5. Deeper and more complex flavor than the DaVinci, but not an authentic raspberry taste. Very strong at first, then quickly settles down.
DaVinci Blueberry
4/5. Very good, almost correct taste, little aftertaste. Slightly more tart than I'd like, though.

I'm off to Cash'n'Carry to get some more today...
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