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Accidental dining

This week was just full of wonderful surprise meals! On Tuesday, I got an invitation from ctseawa for pizza in Wallingford. We had some very good heavily-topped chicago-style pies, and I met some of his friends. We brainstormed together a party idea for later in the year that I'm very much looking forward to. Thanks, ctseawa; I had a great time!

Then was Thursday night with Daniel. It was around 11pm when we left Banya, so most everything was closed. We ended up at a 24hr diner (a rarity on this coast) called Minnies. We each only had burgers (my avocado burger was better than I'd hoped for, and reasonably priced), but had just an amazing time talking and getting to know each other.

Friday, a coworker Laura invited me to Salumi for lunch. They easily have the best Italian meats this side of NYC. I had a pork prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sandwich that was out of this world. It's so, so worth the long lines, cramped space, and limited seating. I've not yet been to dinner there, because it's: only on Fridays, for one party of 10, you need to reserve a year in advance, and I've even heard it's invitation-only. I am sorely tempted to adopt a prosciutto, though.

Whoosh. A great week of unexpected fabulous meals. Thanks to all who made it happen!
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