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Evil, but cute & gay about it
...ramblings of the imperfectly innocent
More Banya fun 
29th-Jul-2006 05:22 pm
Went to Banya5 again on Thursday. Had a great time, as usual. They recently redid the floor as tile (the old floor was not correctly sloped towards the drains, I'm told), which I like less than the slightly textured one they had before. Every other aspect remains top-notch. Several people speak highly of the men's yoga classes, but I've not yet been. They do keep encouraging me to attend, which I probably will do at some point.

Upstairs, in the rest area, they have a selection of very good teas. Also, there's a big pot of blueberry jam, next to a plate that's always been empty when I've been there. I assumed I was missing scones, or something, but no: I found out the jam is for the tea! It's pretty good, but was a first for me.

Also, I ran into Keith. I hadn't planned on seeing him there, as he just got back from his trip. He said hi, and came over to chat. I told him that I'd been hoping to hear from him; he still seemed interested, and said he'd call soon. He invited me specifically to join him biking around Alki Beach (where he lives). I'm still hopeful, but we shall see.

Since Keith left shortly after that, I felt a bit more free to exercise my flirting skills with some of the many beautiful naked men there, and had another success! Sort of. His name is Daniel, and he's an adorable asian boy, medium height and build, dark skin, spiky black hair; his face reminds me a young B.D. Wong. We talked quite a lot, and even beat each other with the veniks (oak branches) in the parilka (dry sauna). He moved up here six months ago from CA. And he has a boyfriend, as of two months ago. Curses! Still, I think he could be a new friend, and maybe a FWB. He was definitely interested, which was nice. Afterward, I waited outside for him, just to exchange contact info, when he suggested dinner together! Couldn't say no to that! So we had a wonderful, if a little frustrating, evening together. Score!
30th-Jul-2006 04:01 am (UTC)
His name is Daniel, and he's an adorable asian boy, medium height and build, dark skin, spiky black hair;

le sigh
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