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Sparerib smoothie

Not much foodpr0n lately. Saturday was pan-fried pork chops (with panko instead of breadcrumbs) and orange-honey sauce (4T OJ, 1.5T orange blossom honey, combine and reduce, drizzle over chops). Very very good, but the panko seemed to absorb a lot of oil. Yesterday was stuffed flank steak (rolled, with herb crust). Mmmm. Tonight was stuffed pork chops which is... pork chops and stuffing. Yeah. Later this week will be chicken parm, and probably Kelly's Asian Chicken. And if I'm feeling particularly naughty, brownies....

Oh, and can I say how much I'm loving unsalted potato chips? They're actually very tasty, and without the salt it's much easier to stop eating them, to say nothing of how much better it is for my BP. The fat and calories aren't too horrible, either.
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