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The theme so far this week is: "that didn't go as planned."

On Saturday, I wanted to go to the Lavender Festival, as I posted. Saturday, of course, being kitschparade's birthday. I knew what I wanted to get him (not sayin' what :-), but I'd checked all the places in Seattle that would have it, and none of them did. There was one last store that I was sure would stock it, but it was over in Bellevue. The plan was to run over there in the morning, head over to Sequim, and head back in time for dinner. Well, they didn't have it either, so I spent a lot of time shopping for something else. It ended up being a fabulous dress shirt that I was quite taken with.

Since I wasn't going to go have fun at the festival, I did some shopping for me too. I bought two of the new LUSH bubble bars. Morris had given me (among other things) a B&N gift card, so I splurged on a book about a famous pair of Arts and Crafts designers. (I am so into the whole Craftsman-era design. When I was furniture shopping in North Carolina, it was the only aesthetic that I could feel good about spending real money on.) Other purchases were Level 4: Virus Hunters of the CDC and the 30th anniversary edition of The Princess Bride.

More shopping was done at Pier 1. I've been looking for the last (hahaha) piece of furniture for my apartment, a chair, and it was not going to be from IKEA. Pier 1 was having a sale, and they had some promising pieces on their website. In particular, I wanted to see the Jasper chair; looks great on the site, but totally different in reality. It's not blue at all. It's much more grey, and that's just not what I wanted. The Westcott chair looked good too, but wasn't comfortable enough. The Metropole armchair was surprisingly comfortable, if a little plain, and it was on sale at the time. After the discount for getting a Pier 1 credit card, the chair and ottoman (and tax) were less than $600, so I bought them. They're already in the warehouse, so I hope to have them in a week...

Dinner Saturday night was odd also. We (which turned out to be only T, JD, and myself) decided to go to Marco's Supper Club for dinner. The menu looked fabulous, but we'll never know how the food was. Although bread was being handed out generously, we waited for a half hour without our orders being taken, so we left. Belltown Bistro was where we ended up, and had a very nice, if slightly noisy, dinner celebration, and went back to their place to watch "The Producers". Except that Netflix had sent them the other "The Producers" instead, so we watched that. It was all good anyway.

Sunday's plan was to spend the day (mostly in bed) with Morris. He just bought a new car (a Lexus, uh, LS450?) and wanted to show it off, so after a little foreplay we went for a drive to Northlake Tavern for some surprisingly good (though not NY style) pizza. After we got back to his place, though, he needed a nap (damn sleep apnea that he won't get treated for; grrrr). He wasn't feeling so good when he woke up, so there was a lot less sex than I was promised. What we did have was really good, though. 8-)

Most of yesterday at work was taken up by an interview that ended up being pretty pointless. The prospective employee was OK; the biggest issue being some significant knowledge gaps, likely due to lack of formal education. At our "town meeting" review (which ended up being two hours!), we found out that he basically gave up 95% of the way through the interview. Instead of answering a question, he just said nothing for a few minutes, and said he wasn't interested in continuing. Allrighty, then! The post-mortem was what made the meeting so long, and it was a good discussion to have, but we're not too disappointed in losing this guy, apparently. Other projects that I planned on working on had their own unexpected problems, but this post is too long already.

Today's screw-up is that I was expecting a UPS package (I bought a FoodSaver). It was supposed to be here this morning, but I gave up around 12:20, wrote a note to UPS to deliver it to the office, and confirmed that the office would put it in my apartment. At 12:40 (according to the tracking info), they delivered it to the office, but it's not here! I *really* wanted to start playing with it tonight, but no joy for me. Fuckers.
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