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o/~ I'm back in Seattle again
    Out where the evergreens don't end
    Where espresso's at its peak
    Even when the storm clouds leak
    Back in Seattle again

   (Been) ridin' the planes once more
    Those flyover states are a bore
    I love living on the coast
    Well, a day's drive at the most
    Back in Seattle again

    I'm back in Seattle again
    Out here no one will offend
    Where the people are so nice
    But you'll never see them twice
    Back in Seattle again

    Seeing Rainier once more
    The Bay and the Market next door
    With all the good times to be had
    No I couldn't be more glad
   (To be) back in Seattle again o/~

© 2006    Frank J. Wojcik. All rights reserved.
Tags: humor, music, travel

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