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Humble abode

As promised, here are pictures of my apartment. I'm tired, and need to get to bed, so commentary will have to wait until my return.

My apartment door
The "hallway"
Looking back out into the hall
Left into the tiny, windowless bedroom
My bed
Next room down the hall is the bathroom
The main room
Panning to the left in the main room
Panning more to the left. There's the cabinet!
Panning even more to the left.
Even more to the left. My kitchen!
Another kitchen shot
My desk and new IKEA lamp
"One Art, Please", by Frank J. Wojcik and J.D. Welch.

I could not get a good shot of the artwork, no matter what I tried. I think I really need a bounce flash to make it look right. Maybe I'll try more after my return.
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